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Produced from organically grown coconuts. Nothing added, nothing taken away.


GMO, Trans- fat, cholesterol, gluten and dairy free. Free from food product.
It is resistant to heat and is durable.


The best buy for quality. Great value.
Quality for an amazing price.

Aldo Zilli the ambassador for CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

Aldo Zilli, Celebrity Chef

International Celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli is partnering with TIANA Fairtrade Organics, the coconut experts who on the request of numerous consumers and trade partners created the CocoPacific Brand of the Best Virgin Coconut Oil & Coconut Sugar at affordable prices.


Aldo Zilli the Ambassador for CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is Aldo Zilli’s choice of for cooking and baking.

Please see below what Aldo Zilli’s statement is about CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil:

“I have tried various virgin coconut oil brands but CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is my choice”

“I highly recommend CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking and baking”

A popular TV chef Aldo Zilli is going to educate consumers on how to incorporate coconut oil in their everyday cooking. Aldo Zilli will raise awareness and interest specifically in the CocoPacific brand and its benefits on using coconut oil as an everyday staple food. Aldo Zilli will create delicious recipes and videos especially for CocoPacific.

Why the famous Celebrity Chef prefers CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil to other brands?

CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, is a premium quality virgin coconut oil without the premium price. It is high quality and the best value for money virgin coconut oil available in the UK. Made with only one ingredient – 100% cold pressed coconuts and it is free from cholesterol and Trans- fats. CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil is suitable for all types of cooking, baking, frying & roasting.

Aldo Zilli said: “I have been using CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking and baking, and created special recipes for main courses, desserts and snacks.  All of them are not only delicious but also very healthy with no cholesterol, and no trans-fats.”


Why CocoPacific?

Coco Pacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the best cooking oils you can find. It has a delicious and creamy taste. It is heat resistant and perfect for all types of cooking being cholesterol and trans- fat free, naturally processed and chemical free.

Its raw virgin coconut oil is traditionally made from organically grown coconuts in the Tropical Pacific Islands. There is no gluten, Lactose or GMO making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

CocoPacific Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is the perfect alternative sweetener for drinks, beverages, desserts and baked goods. It ads a rich depth of sweet flavour to desserts and baked goods. It doesn't have a recognisable coconut flavour making it a versatile sweetener within a wide range of recipes and baking requirements.

CocoPacific Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is the purest organic coconut sugar without any additives or artificial flavours; in fact you can use CocoPacific Organic Coconut Palm Sugar in exactly the same way as you would cane sugar. Packaged in air tight 225g easy to open pouch you can rely on CocoPacific all purpose organic palm sugar to become your preferred everyday sweetener. Its traditional taste means it is the perfect choice for use in tea, coffee and other favourite beverages.


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