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“Five stars, bought both coconut oil and coconut sugar – love and recommend!”

Perfect coconut oil

“I always buy coconut oil as I use it for all my cooking so when I saw this on offer to review I jumped at the chance. CocoPacific is excellent all-purpose coconut oil and I highly recommend this product.”

Must have product

“I try to avoid using sugar in my beverages and baking but recently I bought CocoPacific coconut sugar, it is light, sweet and has low GI. I like to use a little of CocoPacific coconut sugar in my tea and coffee. I used this coconut sugar in my baking and my cake tasted very good.”

Excellent sugar alternative

“Wow, I am amazed, I use it to roast my potatoes, frying my bacon, eggs and pancakes, etc. I would be lost without this CocoPacific. “

Amazing coconut oil

“Quality and price are the best. Pure and cooks wonderfully. I use it to cook everything and my children like this product.  I use it for my skin and it works for me. “

The best coconut oil
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