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Aldo Zilli explains why CocoPacific is his 1st choice

An interview with popular celebrity chef Aldo Zilli is due to appear in tomorrow’s Daily Mail, where he reveals that CocoPacific is his number one choice.
He said the healthy coconut oil can be used for a whole host of his signature dishes and that he prefers it to extra virgin olive oil for cooking.
He told the national newspaper: “CocoPacific is a raw virgin oil that for me is not the same as all the others that have that coconut aftertaste, so I can use it for my pomodoro, I can use if for my carbonara, I can use it for my Italian sauces, I can use it for my Bolognese if you like.”
He added: “It’s raw, it’s virgin and for me it’s the best thing I’ve discovered in a long time it’s a must-have in my store cupboard now.”
The Italian also emphasised the health benefits of using CocoPacific in his cooking.
“With CocoPacific there’s no cholesterol and no trans-fats, so the health element is a big thing for me, because I am well-known for trying to keep healthy all the time,” he said.
Aldo has devised a number of amazing recipes, from starters to main courses to desserts, all using the ultra-versatile raw virgin coconut oil, which has no coconut aftertaste.


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