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CocoPacific Organic Coconut Palm Sugar 500g

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Coconut palm sugar is a sugar alternative that is made from sap that is extracted from the coconut tree. Producing organic coconut sugar is a fairly simple process but requires speed and skill. Timing is very crucial because coconut sap will start to go through the fermentation after only 4 hours. Basically, it will sour and start turning into vinegar. That is why the gathered coconut sap must be cooked before 4 hours to keep its sweet taste. Generally in production there is a necessity to add anti fermentation agents to prevent the sap from turning into vinegar. This can be through a variety of chemicals.

The taste of pure coconut palm sugar is similar to brown sugar. For cooking purposes, it has a very low melt temperature and an extremely high burn temperature making it perfect for everyday cooking and baking. Therefore, it can be used in place of regular sugar.

You can use it to replace white cane sugar at a 1:1 ratio in coffee, tea, or when baking and cooking your favourite recipes.



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