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Gluten free Banana-muffins-with-maple-cream-frosting

Gluten-Free Banana muffins with maple cream frosting

120g CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
160g CocoPacific Coconut Palm Sugar
2 eggs
125ml single cream
2 tablespoons maple syrup
1 tablespoon glycerine
225g gluten-free self-raising flour, sifted
½ teaspoon gluten-free bicarbonate of soda
425g banana, mashed

55g CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, melted
125g cream cheese
275g icing sugar
4 tablespoon maple syrup

Preheat the oven to 180C. Line a 12-hole muffin tray with paper muffin cases.
In a food processor, process the CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil and CocoPacific Coconut Palm Sugar until fluffy. Add the eggs and then slowly mix the cream, maple syrup, glycerine, sifted flour and bicarbonate of soda. Fold in the mashed bananas.
Divide the mixture between the paper cases and bake the muffins in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes until well-risen and golden. Remove from the oven and place on a wire rack to cool.
To make the frosting, process the CocoPacific Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, cream cheese, icing sugar and maple syrup until fluffy in a food processor.
Place the frosting in a piping bag and pipe the frosting onto each muffin when completely cool.


Grilled prawns, mango salad and exotic dressing


9 Raw Prawns peeled but leave tails on


1 tablespoon CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Place in a bowl and mix thoroughly, add prawns and leave for ½ an hour.
In the meantime oil 3 skewers, (this is so they do not burn during the cooking process).


Small cos lettuce, shredded
Medium cucumber, cut in half and grated lengthways (stop when you reach the pips)
2 large ripe tomatoes, halved, quartered and thinly sliced
1 large ripe Mango, cut into thin strips

Exotic dressing

2 tablespoons CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil
2 teaspoons TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Active Honey
¼ cup lemon juice
1 tablespoon ginger juice
1 tablespoon soy sauce
¼ teaspoon crushed garlic


Place all ingredients into a large bowl and whisk until thoroughly mixed, add the salad and mix together.

Now, grill prawns for a couple of minutes on both sides.

Serve in small bowls with prawns on top.

Fried rice with fish, CocoPacific Way!

Fried rice with fish


2 tablespoons CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil
2 eggs, beaten
1 ½ cups flaked smoked fish (haddock, salmon)
4 cups cooked rice
Garlic powder to taste



In a pan, heat the CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil and cook the eggs until set.  Transfer to a cutting board and chop coarsely.

In the same pan, add the flaked fish and stir-fry for a minute. Add the rice and garlic powder.

Cook until heated through, and then add the egg.  Season as required with salt.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu


4 small chicken breasts, skinned and boned
Salt and pepper, to taste
4 slices mozzarella cheese
4 slices ham
1 egg, lightly beaten
6 tablespoon dried wholemeal breadcrumbs
25g butter
1 tablespoon CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil



Put the chicken breast between two sheets of grease proof paper and flatten with mallet or rolling pin. Season to taste.
Put a piece of cheese and a piece of ham on top of each piece of chicken. Fold the chicken over to enclose the filling.
Coat the chicken with egg and then with the breadcrumbs
Heat to CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil in a large frying pan and fry for 5 minutes on each side, until the breadcrumbs are golden.
Drain on absorbent paper and serve.

dark chocolate apricot cake

Dark Chocolate & Apricot Cake

This luscious gluten free Dark Chocolate and Apricot Cake will be very hard to beat.


For this Dark Chocolate and Apricot Cake we will use ground almond which offers moist and a nutty flavour to our cake. When cooling, the cake might sink and create cracks on the surface. Worry not! This will be covered by the apricot jam and chocolate topping.

Dark chocolate and apricot are a simply divine combination which offers an incredible, sweet and tangy flavour.  Combined with the nutty almond flavour this cake might become your favourite treat.


• 250g Dark Chocolate
• 175g CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil
• 125g CocoPacific Coconut Palm Sugar
• 200g Ground Almonds
• 4 eggs, separated
• 5 tablespoons of apricot compote
• Raspberries to decorate (optional)



Preheat the oven to 180C and grease 22cm spring-form cake tin.

Melt 175g dark chocolate in a bowl, over pan of simmering water. Remove from heat.

In a pan, heat 125g of CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil with CocoPacific Coconut Palm Sugar. Stir in ground almonds, eggs yolks and dark chocolate. Beat together.

Whisk eggs whites until stiff and fold in to dark chocolate mixture. Pour into tin and bake for 50 min until firm to touch.

Leave for a few minutes then turn on to wire rack and leave to cool. Coat top cake with apricot compote.

Melt remaining CocoPacific Virgin Coconut Oil with 75g dark chocolate. Stir and spread over top of cake, allowing mixture to run down the sides. Add the raspberries on top.